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'THE BRIDGE 200 is a ultramarathon, it is approximately 50 laps of the Old Severn Bridge. You have 55 hours to complete the 200 miles. We will provide electronic timing and a checkpoint with basic supplies for the duration. This will be an extremely difficult challenge with potential crosswinds and elevation. All finishers will receive a bespoke Bridge 200 finishers medal.'

'There will also be a BRIDGE 100 option that will be around 25 laps, also with a bespoke finishers medal'

Mark Cockbain RD


  • The Bridge 200 will start on Friday 5th May 2023 at 4pm. The distance must be completed within 55 hours (Sunday May 7th 11pm). It is strictly limited to around 30 runners. 

  • The Bridge 100 will start on Sat 6th May at 9am. It will be the same format as the 200 with a 30 hour cut-off (Sun 3pm). 

  • You can bring your own drop bag/box.

  • There will be professional electronic timing (Timing Monkey)

  • There will be a portable toilet

  • You are not allowed a crew or outside assistance

  • You are not allowed sticks

  • We provide a basic checkpoint with water, snacks etc at the Welsh side of the bridge where the start will be.

  • All finishers will receive a bespoke Bridge 200 medal or Bridge 100 medal (note 200 runners cannot drop to 100)

  • You must complete half the distance in half the time (100 miles in 27.5hrs for the 200)

  • You are responsible for your actions on the bridge and you must be aware of the general public and bikers using the bridge

  • You must run the entire event in Hi Viz and have front and rear lighting at night

  • No headphones



Entry requirements: 

You must have completed at least one 100 miler as a qualifier. 

Cost Bridge 200: £205 via PayPal (no refunds, deferrals or transfers)



Cost Bridge 100: £152 via PayPal (no refunds, deferrals or transfers)


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